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Dear frirends, as you know, GoldenBirds is the best in its segment! We were even noticed in Wikipedia! In the web there are tons of clones trying to copy an idea. Now is the time when things will change! Our team was working on update that will overtake all the previous! 

Lets meet GoldenBirds 2.1 - reloaded! 

With 2.0 we got to international level! 2.1 - is the new platform and it has got more power! 
- We made totally new and modern framework!
- And changed economic of the project.
- And we open new possibilities for you!
- ONE currency, UNION rate for deposits and withdraw! 

The "Beta" version you can try right now. Use your login and password from! 

The project will get 10-15 modules by the end of the year!



Innovative system, only on

Dear Friends, we glad to introduce you the innovative system, our project is the first using it in the World! That system is the result of 4 year analysis of the project! This functional let the project works without limits, without economic "Blocks", "Points" and other ugly things and will let the website works 10 years more in same condition! Now payouts are not limited! Project participants are the economic regulators and they decide what way it works! Economic is open now for you! Your deposit let you withdraw money unlimited. Buy birds and you can be sure that they will say with you forever.

Gold is regulated with the new tactic:

- This bar shows common payout percent to payments.
- If payouts are less then 70%, then payments, then for 1 gold, you will get more then 1 rouble! Up to 10 roubles for 1 gold!
- If payouts are between 70% and 85%, then 1 gold = 1 rouble.
- If payouts are more then 85%, quantity of roubles for 1 gold is less then 1.

Idea is that project should keep 15%, to work perfect: Its Paying servers, servicing thousands of people; Salary; Paying for many domain names; DDoS protection; Advertise on many websites;
So if 85% limit will be reached, then gold is gonna be cheaper. If payments will be less then 70%, gold will raise a lot!

What to do, if i want to increase gold price?

- Make deposit, now all bought golden birds are not limited! No poits, no food forever!
- Make an repost of this news from
- Use your referral page and find referral partners! Their deposits will increase cost of gold! And you will get additional bonuses!
- Make an good review of our website on review websites!
- Tell about website and new system on forumes (for example, social networks, and dont forget to leave your referral link!

If every player will follow this list, then gold is gonna be very expansive!

Add funds with BitCoin

You can add funds with bitcoin now! Just enter "Add Funds" page and choose right side payment with bitcoin icon! Hope, that cryptocurrency owners will be happy!

More eggs then ever!

Friends, Birds 2.0 now has almost 2 times more income!


Green: 1 -> 2 eggs

Yellow: 11 -> 18 eggs

Brown: 60 -> 100 eggs

Blue: 325 -> 530 eggs

Red: 1750 -> 2850 eggs




GoldenBirds 2.0

Let's announce the new era of our project - GoldenBirds 2.0! Now its international, everything was translated to english language, so everyone can use it comfortable! And a lot of new things would be added soon!

Birds 2.0:

  • New Birds! No limits! Buy birds, collect eggs, sell them and get gold! It's only 3 month to get money back from birds and then you can get income!


  • Now every user can own stocks! Buy them and receive everyday income, which depends on activity. (added funds, games, stocks sellings and so on)
  • Also, if you buy stocks cheap, then you can sell it more expensive!


  • Web-site was translated! But if you find any text without translation, tell please to support. We will translate if fast!


    • You can hide left menu
    • New Domain -

    Soon updates:

    •  Add funds and payout BitCoin!
    • Chat with english room
    •  Better referral system
    •  Very nice manual for getting refferals.
    •  New games and modules